We will have an opening for a postdoctoral position starting from September 2019, to work on the simulation and modelling of transient effects in shear-thickening suspensions in Université Grenoble-Alpes, Grenoble, France.

The work will be centered on the modelling and simulation of transient or unsteady constant-pressure flows of shear-thickening suspensions, with an emphasis on the interplay between dilation and pore pressure on the particle phase. The position is funded by the ANR grant “ScienceFriction” led by B. Metzger (IUSTI, Marseille), which combines theoretical, experimental and numerical approaches to the rheology of shear thickening, with a focus on transient phenomena and flow instabilities, in close collaboration with B. Metzger and Y. Forterre at IUSTI in Marseille, and M. Wyart at EPFL in Lausanne.

The application website is not yet opened, but if you are interested, you can already contact me.